STAP full training

We offer a three-part course comprising of knowledge assessments, hands-on skills workshops, finishing with a final assessment and evaluation.

Full supervisor training part 1: knowledge assessment

For participants interested in becoming supervisors for internships, endorsements and higher degrees.

Cost: $190

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Full supervisor training part 2: skills training workshop

A two-day workshop focused on integrating supervisors’ knowledge and skills for a better alliance with supervisees. 

Cost: $715

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Full supervisor training part 3: competency-based assessment and evaluation

Participants’ supervisory skills ‘in practise’ are assessed from a recorded session with a supervisee.

Cost: $350

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Master classes

Advanced training with the focus to have supervisors reach the stage of self-regulation and evaluation. For enquiries about group discount prices for workshops, please email

Cost: $395 | Learn more | Dates & locations

Supervisor Training & Approval Program

STAP has been delivering training and accreditation services to psychologists for well over 10 years.  In that time, more than 3000 psychology supervisors have been trained and received their accreditation through STAP. Since 2011, STAP has been providing training nationally, and has been an important part of helping senior psychologists around the country meet their requirements for supervision training as set out by the PBA.

For more information and enquiries, contact us.