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I have found the STAP training invaluable in my practice working supervising intern psych students in the community.


 A very comprehensive course…was able to take away ideas, skills, knowledge and resources to help me in my supervisory endeavours…


The course content made me question my own practice which will result in reflection and improvement in relevant areas.


I am very happy and impressed that the focus of the course was on the process of supervision and the relationship aspects that need to be managed. I feel this course has equipped me well to supervise competently and maintain a high professional standard.


Great content that has increased my competence and confidence to practise as a supervisor.


A comprehensive workshop that provides all the resources necessary to become an effective SPP supervisor.


The evaluation process helped me get to a place of greater confidence.


The workshop provided a safe environment to discuss real issues surrounding my own concerns as a novice supervisor…this was a great opportunity to learn and network with other professionals.


I was sceptical about the training, but can now say that the process (even the arduous evaluation) was hugely beneficial.  I am now very aware of my responsibilities and the importance of ensuring that all competencies are addressed and mastered.


I have learnt a lot from both the workshop and evaluative process.  The evaluation process really consolidated skills and information learnt through the workshop.