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Evaluation Component Registration


Please complete all details.

A confirmation email will be sent to you when the form is finalised.

1. Personal Details
2. Eligibility
3. Areas of Specialty/Practice
5. Any Special Notes?
6. Registration, payment and marking process for the Evaluation Component


Evaluation Component Cost: $295.00 (inc GST)

(1) Submit your registration form on-line, the STAP office will confirm receipt by email.

(2) Download the 5 forms/questionnaires to complete with the 1 hour recorded supervision session.

(3) Refer to the Checklist to assist you and ensure all items are included in your package to avoid delays in processing.

(4) Payment to be made via the secure GriffithPAY link.

(5) Post recording file, forms/questionnaires and copy of the payment to the STAP office.

(6) When the package is received at the STAP office; it will be checked and email acknowledgement sent.

(7) Marking of the material by a STAP Evaluator can take up to 4-8 weeks.

(8) On successful completion of the Evaluation Component, the STAP office will send email advice. The marked material and certificate are sent by post.